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30 KPIs To Measure Performance & How To Choose & Track Them

Customer Service KPIs 9 Effective KPIs To Evaluate Customer Service Team

kpi for support team

You need quality software to perfect your customer support and improve the average resolution time. Sign up with REVE Chat and find the support of top-notch customer service tools and offer quick responses to customers. Customer support software ProProfs Help Desk is an award-winning ticketing system designed to help support teams provide fast, efficient, and quality customer service for free. On the backend, this help desk solution is equipped with the right tools to help team managers keep track of their teams’ performance to ensure that they consistently deliver excellent customer service. Our Freshdesk reviews gave this award-winning help desk software high marks on the strength of its ease-of-use and robust features. Customer support software Zendesk allows support agents to effortlessly track, prioritize, and solve customer interactions across multiple channels.

kpi for support team

The fix to a poor resolution SLA lies in equipping agents with better training and resources to handle complex customer issues. As a last resort, you can revisit your SLA strategy and ensure the deadlines are achievable. Here’s an analysis of the different types of customer service KPIs in detail and a list of the essential support metrics to track under each category. They need to be encouraged, empowered, and assessed in view of accomplishing business goals. It is vital to pay attention to an employee’s positive and negative behaviours, discuss and give feedback to create an enabling environment for them to learn and improve.

Customer Retention Rate

Do that, and you’ll be able to take advantage of customer support KPIs to deliver truly exceptional customer service. Unlike CES and measures a customer’s overall perception of a brand or company. Your NPS score is a good indicator of overall customer loyalty toward your brand. Send a survey asking customers to rate how easy your company made it to resolve their issue.

Whenever analyst utilization rates approach 60–70 percent, a service desk will experience relatively high analyst turnover because they are pushing the analysts too hard. Extremely high utilization leads to burnout, higher turnover, higher absenteeism, and lower morale in the service desk. The correlation between analyst utilization and cost is illustrated below.


More than that, they often are the only contact a customer has with a company. If your business is in need of creating or growing a customer service team, there should be a process of evaluating its performance to make the team successful. The key to getting any benefit, though, is choosing the right key performance indicators, tracking them over time, and using the right strategies for improvement like training agents and introducing automation. To improve KPIs like average resolution time and customer satisfaction, agents must be trained to deliver the best customer support. It provides insights into the current demand placed on your support team, trends, and other underlying issues. For instance, if ticket volumes continuously increase month-on-month with your team feeling swamped, it may be time to hire new agents.

A KPI is an indicator that helps you track the performance of a business, project, or department against strategic goals and objectives. Christopher Robinson is a senior productivity research analyst who specializes in optimizing online collaboration and project management using Scrum and agile approaches. In his work, he always emphasizes the need for distributed work training and the formation of efficient work habits. His work was mentioned in various business publications, including Entrepreneur and InfoQ.

To achieve this, orgs must measure and track key metrics that reflect the quality of their support operations. You should track the retention rate of your customers who reached out with an issue. Did you manage their issue well enough for it to not rupture your relationship with the customer? This will require integrating into your CRM platform, and making sure all systems (agent desk, eCommerce, etc.) are feeding data in and out of your CRM for a 360-degree customer view.

kpi for support team

Thankfully, these identifiers are already accounted for by customer support software and other relevant solutions as part of their built-in reporting and analytics features. If you’re just setting up your business, ensure you prioritize customer service KPIs that resonate the most with your industry. If your team is already up and running, revisit your KPIs today and check if they align with your long-term support targets. By setting realistic and focussed KPIs, you can extract the best from your support team and provide stellar customer service. For instance, reducing first response time could be mapped to a customer service admin since it involves improving queue management while keeping resolution SLA in check is every agent’s responsibility.

Make sure you’ve researched as many key performance indicators as you can to determine which ones are appropriate for your industry. From there, determine which KPI targets will help you further understand and meet your goals, and then integrate them throughout your department. It’s human nature to be impatient when in need of technical support or customer service. It doesn’t matter if customers are calling their bank, their cable company, or their company’s internal technical support department.

It also shines the proverbial spotlight on their relevance in regard to customer satisfaction and some of the best customer support software that can help you analyze KPIs. In addition to setting the right KPIs, it’s important to objectively assess team performance, understand how different activities impact their goals, and identify ways to improve. While certain issues that your team is facing could be unique, here are four ways in which you can help your team achieve their KPIS. Like we’ve said before, KPIs can be assessed alongside one another to identify important dependencies. However, only if you have quantifiable data on how well your support team is doing can you improve existing processes, make better staffing decisions, and ensure customer happiness.


Customer service incident management KPIs track the efficiency and effectiveness of resolving customer complaints and issues. These KPIs include the time to resolve an incident, customer satisfaction levels, the number of repeat incidents, and the cost per incident. Customer Incentive & Rewards KPIs are designed to measure the effectiveness of customer incentive and loyalty programs. They track metrics such as customer retention rates, redemption rates, and customer satisfaction with the rewards offered.

Unlocking customer value with data: How we developed the Customer Milestones Framework

It also provides the tools essential for great customer service like live chat, knowledge base, popup editor, and email automation. Some time after we’ve implemented MRR as a customer service KPI, our live chat agents told me they began to think differently and concentrate on more relevant stuff rather than just answering routine chats. As a result, they were getting more bonuses, which is a win-win situation for everyone — for a business, for CSMs, and for our customers. KPIs measure progress toward specific goals, and metrics gauge the overall business health. But even though KPIs and metrics for customer service are different things, they do have a lot in common. Note that the right KPIs for you might not be the right KPIs for another organization.

  • They need to be encouraged, empowered, and assessed in view of accomplishing business goals.
  • That’s the reason upselling and cross-selling often happen in customer service.
  • In order to achieve organizational goals, we first need to set targets at individual and team levels so that they can be linked to that of the company.

Serving as the lead content strategist, Snigdha helps the customer service teams to leverage the right technology along with AI to deliver exceptional and memorable customer experiences. You can directly ask your customers to rate their satisfaction across different communication channels such as live chat to collect real time customer feedback as a form of survey. In order to reduce your response time, you must either scale your support agents or implement a chatbot.

Support Costs vs Revenue

The below image shows how the KPIs fit into the organizational flow or structure. The company can first decide its vision or what it considers to be its ‘north start’. Once the vision is determined, the organization can list what it hopes to accomplish (goals) and how the product or service can help achieve them. Coupled with the KPIs, the organization must look at the critical success factors required.

Risk Operations Agent Vacancy at Ebay – StudyCafe

Risk Operations Agent Vacancy at Ebay.

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Monitor this KPI closely for your different support channels to keep it from going up. With all the insight gained from step I and II, redesign your software purchases to optimize compliance and attain a 100 percent license compliance rate. Teams can also measure these action items with details on time taken to initiate root cause analysis after problem identification and time taken to complete root cause analysis. We at HelpCrunch have come up with our unique system of tags rating conversations of a scale from 1 to 5 — 1 being irrelevant spam and 5 belonging to high-intent leads. We also have additional tags like ‘bugs’, ‘feature requests’, ‘follow-ups’ to better prioritize messages that come from our active customers.

Additionally, these Customer Service KPIs help to build a customer-centric culture, leading to greater customer loyalty and advocacy. It’s now widely understood that for support teams, the stakes have never been higher. People are increasingly making their buying decisions based on the support they receive. Customers will stop doing business with a company after one poor customer support experience. To do that, there are specific customer service key performance indicators that need to be monitored on an ongoing basis in order to adjust processes or optimize agent training. Measuring and monitoring these KPIs give you valuable insights into the health of your business.

kpi for support team

Front Page is for leaders who believe in the impact of meaningful connections with customers. You’ll find fresh ideas for focusing on what matters, inspiring your teams, and connecting with customers in genuine, human ways. You can easily assign ownership over an email, so everyone knows who’s responsible for handling a support ticket.

The social media customer service metrics that experts measure – Sprout Social

The social media customer service metrics that experts measure.

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With the pressure to resolve tickets quicker, agents on digital channels like live chat and social messaging are often carrying on multiple conversations at the same time. You need to understand if you are getting more service requests because your product/service is broken or because you are getting more customers. Tracking tickets per customer can help inform resource allocation through the lens of long-term vs. short-term needs.

kpi for support team

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