Community Drivers

Team and individual management
Community Drivers know how to lead a team on and off the pitch in disconnected neighbourhoods.

Social and motivational skills
Our training enables the coaches to deal with conflicts and develop the potential of participants.

Promoting employability
Participants acquire valuable knowledge and gain soft skills linked with labour market needs.

What is a Community Driver?

Community Drivers use sport as a tool for social development.
The mission of Community Drivers is to use their skills to promote social inclusion and a healthier life for children and young people living in disconnected neighbourhoods.
Community Drivers are good at leading a team and guiding individuals through communication, motivation and emotional education. They are passionate, empathic and well organised.
You can meet Community Drivers in communities across Europe – and even become a Community Driver yourself. Get in touch with the SIDFOOT project team.

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What does a Community Driver?

Our SIDFOOT Community Drivers:
Use skills for the positive and creative resolution of conflicts.
Display abilities as a mediator with the community and community development processes.
Have knowledge and abilities to engage kids in cooperative games that promote cohesion.
Recognise and foster intercultural dialogue.
Know, use and outline the right communication skills among the kids, their coaches and their families.
Teach problem-solving skills to their kids and promote strong work ethics and values related to fair play.
Use sport practices to enhance and promote the time management basic principles.

How to become a Community Driver?
  • Join our free educational course
  • Contact your local sport organisation
  • Discover our best practices
  • Contact experienced practitioners
  • Sign up for our Newsletter
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